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Recession + Incredible Adjunct with Traditional Soft Tissue Grafts

Why is it reasonable to refer to BioXclude® dehydrated human deepithelialized amnion-chorion membrane (ddACM) as “Nature’s Duct Tape”?
Nature's Duct Tape for Enhanced Tissue Repair & Regenerative Healing
The membrane is very thin, extremely adaptable, naturally self-adherent, easy to place, contains biological factors that aid in healing, promote angiogenesis, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, allow for non-primary closure, and accelerate gingival flap reattachment.
Are You Fully Utilizing the Benefits of BioXclude in Your Practice?
To learn about the many uses for BioXclude in your practice, I encourage you to watch Adjunctive Use of Nature's Duct Tape for Enhanced Periodontal Tissue Repair and Regenerative Healing by Dr. Nicholas Poulos (Denver, CO). The lecture is from the 2019 American Academy of Periodontology meeting and is also available now on our YouTube station or click to Watch Now.

Nicholas Poulos

BioXclude Makes Any Surgeon Better!
Most importantly, the use of BioXclude makes any surgeon better. Admittedly in many cases, any membrane will do the job, but only BioXclude provides a new level of consistent, accelerated early healing. Moreover, its' physical and biological properties allow for use in all aspects of practice: (1) dental implants, (2) periodontal care, and (3) esthetics.
The following case by Nicholas Poulos, DDS, MS (Denver, CO) demonstrates the utility of BioXclude in esthetic perioplastic surgery. This 39-year-old female patient presents with gingival recession stretching across the esthetic zone.
Courtesy of Nicholas Poulos, DDS, MS, Denver, CO
    1. Recession #3-8, Mucogingival Defect #5-6 Only
    2. BioXclude Secured at CEJ
    3. Acellular Dermal Graft #5-6
    4. Closure:6.0 Polyporopyulene/5.0 Chromic
    5. 3-Week Suture Removal
    6. 3-Month Post-Op
Briefly following scaling and planing and surface detoxification, BioXclude is placed over the root surfaces of teeth #3 - #8. The membrane quickly hydrates, naturally adapting and adhering to roots and proximal bone, and is secured at the CEJ. An acellular dermal membrane (ADM) is sutured into place over the BioXclude, treating the significant mucogingival defect at #5 and #6.
Better Serve Your Patients
Fast, Easy, Effective Treatment for Mild Gingival Recession
Placement of BioXclude does not require stabilizing sutures, making it well suited for use with a coronally repositioned flap (CRF). Most importantly, use with CRF represents a new option to better serve patients through fast, easy, and effective treatment of mild gingival recession, avoiding more advanced surgery in the future.
Excellent adjunct for use with acellular dermal matrix (ADM) and/or connective tissue grafts (CTG) for moderate to advanced gingival recession defects when near to 100% full root coverage is the patient’s expectation. However, if root coverage is not a primary objective, as demonstrated by Nevins 2015, BioXclude represents an excellent option for use when treating advanced Class III and Class IV recession defects. Click Here to View Nevins 2015 Publication. Click here to view Dr. Hamada's poster from ISPRD.

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