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Microsurgery Webinar Series hosted by The Periodontal and Implant Microsurgery Academy at the University of Michigan

February 26, 2021—May 14, 2021
The Periodontal and Implant Microsurgery Academy at the University of Michigan (PiMA@UM) proudly hosts this series of 7 introductory lectures that will be given by a panel of nationally and globally renowned microsurgery experts.
Course Overview:
Microsurgery, using either loupes or the operating microscope along with micro-instruments, is a paradigm shift for performing periodontal and implant-related surgeries. Unique features of the microscope such as unparalleled magnification together with built-in coaxial illumination, allow for precise tactile and visually driven handling of hard-and soft-tissues. Literature has well-documented that microscope assisted surgery accelerates flap revascularization, enhances esthetics, improves clinical outcomes, and reduces postoperative morbidity.
Course Objectives:
  • Fundamental advantages of minimally-invasive approach toward wound healing.
  • Comparison and contrast between loupes and operating microscope.
  • Microsurgical armamentarium, including microinstruments and microsutures.
  • Key tips for a smooth incorporation of operating microscope into routine clinical workflow.
  • A variety of surgical procedures that can be accomplished under operating microscope, including intraoral hard and soft tissue regeneration.
  • Each online session is approximately 1-1.5 hours.
*Registered participants can have unlimited access to the recorded presentations

Student Special Pricing: $75 dollars for all 7 webinars