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The Biology Behind BioXclude ®
The Biology Behind BioXclude®
The Biology Behind BioXclude ®

Immunomodulatory Cytokines
Immuno-modulatory Cytokines
While inflammation is an important part of all wound healing processes, too much or too little inflammation can interfere with the natural progression of tissue repair and regeneration. Exuberant inflammation within the uterine environment (in response to infection, for example) would pose a significant threat to developing child. Factors within the amnion and chorion layers of the amniotic sac work to buffer inflammatory responses and protect against dangerous levels of inflammation that would interfere with fetal growth and development. Immunomodulatory properties of amnion-chorion membranes help to prevent exuberant inflammation at treatment sites, allowing optimal healing to proceed without delay.

Although inflammation is a necessary step in the healing process, prolonged inflammation can lead to chronic conditions that prevent wound healing. Preventing excessive or prolonged inflammatory responses will also decrease post-operative patient pain.

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BioXclude is proven to modulate the inflammatory process by downregulating inflammatory cell recruitment.