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AAP Recap

Accuracy + Precision = Predictability! This is what I thought of when I looked at the data from this intra-patient clinical study using deepithelialized amnion-chorion membrane (BioXclude®) in guided tissue regeneration (GTR) compared to open flap curettage (control group), that was presented at the annual American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) meeting this past November. Click here to view.

Graph 1: Comparison of probing depth averages experimental and control groups before treatment
Graph 2: Comparison of probing depth averages experimental and control groups after treatment

For me data is king. As such, I want to acknowledge and sincerely thank Dr. Elsy Lorena Jerez, the principal investigator and poster presenter, and Dr. Luis Campana for his continued support of Snoasis Medical's efforts to better document the clinical utility of BioXclude in periodontal and dental implant surgery by exposing residents to BioXclude during their periodontal residency program.

Watch Dr. Holtzclaw's Lecture at AAP

Snoasis Medical hosted four Corporate Forums for the first time! Today, I invite you to watch Session One, Rise of Placental Tissue Products for Tissue Repair and Regeneration, by Dr. Dan Holtzclaw. Now available on our YouTube station. Click here to view.

Please take a moment to review our new video testimonials from the AAP capturing the benefits of using BioXclude in practice, also now available on our YouTube station. These four testimonials will reiterate advantages only provided by using BioXclude such as accelerated early healing and ease of use; there is simply no substitute for customers sharing the perceived primary features and benefits, as well as how to utilize BioXclude in practice. Click here to view testimonials.

  • Dr. Hoda Hai - San Fransisco, CA (University California of San Fransisco)
  • Dr. Tyler Borg - Denver, CO (Private Practice)
  • Dr. Dan Holtzclaw - Austin, TX (Private Practice)
  • Dr. Albert Chan - Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan)
Thank you for your continued business! Please help us spread the good word about BioXclude by telling your colleagues and or by posting BioXclude cases on Instagram. Thank you! Through patience and persistence, we have organically grown Snoasis Medical through sales of BioXclude into a real success. With that, we are truly just scratching the surface and greatly appreciate your support.