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The Biology Behind BioXclude ®
The Biology Behind BioXclude®
The Biology Behind BioXclude ®

Dynamic Barrier Membrane
The amnion and chorion layers of the amniotic sac serve the critical role of creating a functional barrier between the mother and child throughout pregnancy. The amnion-chorion membrane must maintain its integrity in a highly dynamic environment. The tough but flexible properties of amnion-chorion allografts are ideally suited for dentoalveolar applications.

The amniotic sac if formed by a thin pair of membranes, the amnion and chorion, which hold a developing embryo (and later fetus) until shortly before birth. In conjunction with the placenta, the amniotic sac creates an enclosed, fluid-filled bag that protects the developing fetus from biological threats (e.g. infection, inflammation, and the mother’s immune system) as well as mechanical stresses (e.g. external pressures and impacts stemming from the mother’s movements). To accomplish this dynamic range of tasks, the amnion-chorion membrane must be both resilient and flexible.

BioXclude is created with the patented Purion process, involving a minimal manipulation of the tissue to maintain the critical layers of the amnion and chorion layers intact. As shown in the illustration below, the epithelial and intermediate spongy layers are gently removed, and the remaining layers of amnion and chorion are laminated back together. Removal of the epithelial layer exposes the basement membrane of the amnion layer to provide an ideal surface for cellular attachment and migration, a key aspect of wound healing. Removal of the spongy layer enables the efficient dehydration of the membrane, allowing the amnion-chorion laminate to be dried without loss of critical growth factors to create a shelf-stable membrane product.

The basement membrane is a thin, delicate layer of protein fibers and glycosaminoglycans deposited by epithelial cells that anchors the epithelium to underlying connective tissue and maintains a functional barrier between tissues. As the natural substrate for epithelial cells, the basement membrane of BioXclude provides an ideal substrate for cellular attachment and migration. Additionally, because the basement membrane is perceived by epithelial cells as an appropriate surface, epithelial migration and proliferation will be naturally directed over the surface of the membrane, increasing wound closure rates.